Artful Living

birds of a feather

“a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”

Many ask me about my pve design logo, many want to know the story behind the birds. I chose David Hartman, a graphic designer and family member to design this logo for me. David has known me since he fell in love with my sister long ago. He knew me when I was called names like “bird legs” and “treeba” when I was growing up in Kentucky. I wanted a logo that would be clean, fresh and easy to spot, just like a cardinal bird.

A series of initial designs were done and the one that sung the most to me were the pair of birds on the brush. After all, the state bird is the cardinal, it seemed only fitting that this bird be part of my logo. The female is green and my love of green was inspired by my Grandma Elizabeth who loved the energy of the color of the Spring green grass.

Most of my work is one part collaboration and one part creating a unique illustration for each client.

I have always had a fascination with illustrating places, people, pets, parties and more importantly to make others happy with my art. One of my earliest memories as a child, was when President Kennedy was shot, I remember everyone being so solemn. The television was on and in black and white (mind you) and the world seemed so dark. Then shortly after, my Grandma Elsie passed away and more sadness needed artwork. At the age of 3, I resorted to draw pretty colorful pictures to make all those sad faces smile.

To this day, my work makes me as well as others smile. With each work of art, I feel as though I am spreading rays of happiness. For years, I have been creating a look, or a body of artwork for myself as well as others. My intent as an artist was to find contentment and that I have achieved two-fold.

Shortly after the launch of my web-site in 2007, I landed on a wonderful blog
“All the best” and it was then that I learned about blogs. {Part of my want of a web site was to be able to reach clients world-wide, check!} I reached out to several bloggers to collaborate on artwork for them, for this thing called a blog header or banner. It was for All the best that I illustrated her blog banner, all before I had actually met Ronda and before I even had a blog. How could I not love Mrs.Blandings too, after all it was one of my favorite movies. Living in Manhattan, I could relate to moving to the burbs and to a dream home.

You know the old expression, “Birds of a feather flock together” – which I find to be totally true.
The artwork for Mrs. Blandings was so easy to do since I only had to create a picture to match her words and her dreams. Mind you, I have learned how to scan images, but still love learning more on this journey.

I began to flock to a few blogs that I enjoyed reading for mere wit, charm and that I just plain loved reading with my morning mug of coffee. After much encouragement from many other wonderful bloggers who inspired me to take time to make my day brighter, I made my own nest of a blog.

Go ahead and tell me if there are any other questions that you might have for me or what sorts of content you love the most about landing here and why you visit? What would you like to see more of? Let me know if you are a reader and or a blogger?