Artful Living

web to web

Good Manners are universal skills.
Good posture, standing tall, smiling, making eye-contact, listening,
and a proper hand-shake will surely give an ever-lasting first impression.
Our visitor shared so many good tips yesterday at our Ardsley Middle School.

“Web-to-web” was a tip for the proper hand-shake!
I thought about this all day, and then as I said good night to my daughter, she had to tell me,
“Web to web” is the proper hand-shake.
I rather like that term, so from my web to your web from this world wide web, I wish you a good day, full of good manners.
Stand tall, respect yourself and those around you, smile, shake hands, listen and know that social customs are alive and well from “web to web.”
What good manners or social customs are you most proud of?
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