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spouting off

Please forgive me for spouting off, I am rather proud of the way my teapots are getting along.

The round tea pot was a wedding gift, and I have enjoyed using it nearly every day for twenty plus years.
The smaller, more elongated tea pot is a fairly new addition, an original from Eva Zeisel. I love it for making my own jasmine tea. I found it at a local shop nearby and had to have it. I gave it to myself for my very own birthday. I used money from my Mom who always tells me -“Now do not use that for the children, you buy yourself something special.”
Special spout, not so short and stout but still a lovely spout for pouring myself a cup of tea. I have a pretty flowery tea pot too, but that is for another post and for when I am feeling the need for a High tea with all the accoutrements.
Thanks for letting me spout off about my own little spouts. Speaking of spouting off, what sorts of tea pots do you possess or pine for?