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smart cookies

JMcLaughlin logo “Smart Cookie” party favor

On a balmy evening in New York City, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Mika at a recent book launch “All Things at Once.” Lucky me to have her sign one for me and one for my dear friend. The Party was hosted by the marvelous McLaughlin’s in the courtyard garden of their New York Home which marketing maven, Alison Mazzola Communications partnered to launch.

I was thrilled when the invitation arrived with my illustration in letter-press. You all know how I adore letterpress and lovely white stock. I just picked up the original artwork which I had matted and is ready to send to Mrs.McLaughlin. I finished the book and there were so many poignant moments that I could relate to as we juggle life, all things coming at us at once.
After the party, my husband and I had the chance to dine, just the two of us at a quaint New York spot. On such a warm evening, the cold poached salmon and cucumber salad tasted lovely while we chatted and watched the people walking by. (This was in May, before my “raw” pledge!)

What a smart cookie favor, just the perfect treat to bring home for my children.

Take a bite out of life each day as “All things at once” occur while we strive to balance work and family.
Cherish today, cookies and all things at once!