Artful Living

porch swing

There is nothing quite like a porch swing during the summer months. The above illustration was done for a lucky lady who won this illustration as a “custom give-away” – via Cote de Texas.

Out of three hundred plus comments, she was the winner. How fun to imagine myself in the swing on a sultry summer evening with a cool glass of freshly brewed ice tea.
One is never too old for a “swing set.” Take time to go to the park, swing away or if you have a swing on your front porch, why not go out and swing a spell.
(Update, June 17, 20210. )Here is what the owner e-mailed to me – nothing quite like positive feedback!

It is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The detail! Thank you so much. I somehow feel that “thank you” doesn’t really express how grateful I am for this gift. You captured every little detail. You made the house look even better than it really is.