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Just 3 days of eating raw veggies and fruits and drinking elixirs of juices composed of vegetables, celery, cucumber, carrot, beet, parsley, kale – I wanted to share some of my after glow list with you. My daily ritual was really easy, just planning and preparing, stocking up on organic veggies and fruits and raw ingredients.

(No dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol, no meat, chicken or fish and no carbs and no sugar.)

Less redness in skin
Lost weight
More energy
Slept like a baby
Increase in alertness
Taste buds intensified
Sense of smell heightened
More open
Stronger will power
Increase in focus
Accomplishing more
Would you like a list of changes to occur simply by the choices you make? Well, you can!
I suggest you have someone to hold you accountable, as one can easily make the wrong choices.
If you are feeling sluggish, and feel the need to start fresh, I suggest working with this wonderful holistic nutritional guide. Having a daily ritual, a list, and an intent prior to your start will no doubt produce miracles. You owe it to yourself to radiate light, love and to be a “wholesome you!”
(of course, one should always check with their health professional first, and I am not paid to advertise wholesome you)