Artful Living


A just for fun exercise, “loosening up my posture” for where you hang your hat

As an artist, much of what I do requires a method, but then again, to allow room for letting go is a huge bonus. Just the act of each stroke of the brush takes on a sort of sun salutation for me, an exercise of sorts. With each work, I analyze my posture, I breathe, I huff and I exhale out with each jab of the brush. Did you ever stop to analyze how posturing can affect the outcome of your day.

Sit up or stand up straight, devote each inhale as one part inspiration and the exhale as the release of what you are doing, the expression. Are you aware of your posture, did I inspire you to straighten up? I know I tell my kids to take note of their posture each day, why should I not include you too.