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nest egg

The view from this nest is pure bliss. Can you see the Hudson River in the distance?

Truly, this grand maison deserves a pve design illustration. Don’t you agree?

This Sunny spot ( home of Washington Irving) is literally in my back yard, just a short skip, hop and a flight there. It is a favorite spot to fly to. I had the pleasure of a visit with a fellow Kentuckian today sharing some southern hospitality in New York.

I live near the Hudson River in New York. Well not on the water, but nearby where many incredible historic homes are situated. I like to refer to them as “big nest eggs.” One of my favorite spots in the world is “Kykuit” – the dutch translation means “bird’s eye view.

The gardens, the fountains, the art, the shrubbery are stunning.
I wonder if places like this will exist or are they a thing of the past?
The above historical homes are open to the public to visit.
All photos are property of pve design, Historic Hudson Valley, Kykuit, Sunnyside