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Now that I got your attention, let’s talk money.

Some e-mails cross my screen asking, “Do you make any money from blogging?
You have to read this before I give you the answer. No fair scrolling down to peak. Many of you know my story. I worked, I had twins, I worked, I stopped when they were five and I worked harder than when I worked for no money. A new client told me, “I was a stay at home Mom” and now I am ready to start getting paid for doing something that I am passionate about and each day devoted to learning about my passion. Now that is only fair, right? What is wrong about getting paid for doing something you love? Would we expect you to take a job that you hate, do it for years and never see any reward. Well, I guess there are days as a Mother that we can all find moments to “hate” but we punch our cards each day, clock in and report for duty, ready to learn, and perhaps never expect any sort of reward.
Blogging is personal. Blogging is something that you do for you. If you decide to post once a month, your readers will probably not come back very often. Like I have said, the Halloween House with no candy becomes the house that no one wants to go to. Blogging is my treat. I never knew that I would meet so many varied

I can personally attest to these dreamy products from here. I love having a bright wallet with lots of little slots for providing order. Take a look and tell me which one would you like?

I would like to gimme and esme. Stop tramping around with that old wallet like a hobo and
and add some posh to the home for your coins, cards and more.
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