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Can you share a simple solution that has helped you to embrace Spring Cleaning?
Cleaning the windows, pulling out the patio furniture, and organizing wardrobe closets for warmer weather may be some of your Spring Cleaning projects. It’s easy to procrastinate on starting a large task especially when it’s something we dread. Instead of having tasks that may take hours to complete, break it up into smaller tasks and create a check list to monitor your progress. Devote a set amount of time each week to focus on one task or room (i.e. closets, windows, kitchen pantry, etc.).To avoid getting overwhelmed you may consider limiting each task to no more than 30 minutes to complete. In addition, make it fun by turning on your favorite music or adding a stylish dose of color into your household cleaning supplies like the ones below from Alic
. What would you suggest as a simple remedy for clutter?
Clutter is visually exhausting, so it is important that every item in your home have a place. This way you’ll be able to find it quickly when you need it and will avoid visual clutter.
Purging is really the most important step in organizing. Before you start to organize, identify what things are important to you and what’s just taking up space. Here are a few questions to answer when determining whether or not to keep, recycle/trash or donate an item:
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