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second hand smoke

William Glackens Painting – 1870-1938
Our entire image of smoking has changed for the better, but I often admire images that I come across. They affect me like second hand smoke, swirling and circling around my head. I love this Grande dame sporting the chapeau cocked with savior faire. There is that color again, that ruddy, salmon color that I long for. The blue eye shadow looks like fun too. I guess all that second hand smoke is going straight to my head. Oh, and did I fail to mention those fabulously

grand gold hoops.

Does 2nd hand smoke of a painting have the same sort of affect on you? I think I need to go lie down, I feel light headed from all that smoke mixed with paint fumes.

I just located this wonderful gal who is all about “Capturing Italy” – for some odd reason, she does have a striking resemblance to the lady in the painting. Have a grande weekend!