Artful Living

rain and rainbows

“Remember, you cannot have rainbows without the rain.”

Rene Descartes -1596-1650 (French Philosopher and Mathmetician) -He writes:“Considering that this bow appears not only in the sky, but also in the air near us, whenever there are drops of water illuminated by the sun, as we can see in certain fountains, I readily decided that it arose only from the way in which the rays of light act on these drops and pass from them to our eyes. Further, knowing that the drops are round, as has been formerly proved, and seeing that whether they are larger or smaller, the appearance of the bow is not changed in any way, I had the idea of making a very large one, so that I could examine it better.

This weekend, lots of rain is forecasted and I was reminded by a dear friend that we must remember to look for the rainbows. My friend recently lost a close friend tragically and I think his reminder is in part, that he himself is trying to look for the rainbow. I was touched by his words. Thank-you Michael for your gentle and kind words.

Do you look for and follow rainbows?