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kitchen stew

Pardon me, while I am in the midst of a kitchen quandary for my “new” kitchen. My kitchen ideas run from light to dark. We will have an island with a sink. The other side of the room will have an area to “lounge.” There will be a copper bar sink, and I am planning a copper counter.
I love the light counters with a bit of sheen. The island will be used as a breakfast bar of sorts since we all seem to be on different shifts. I will also use it as a spot to serve from.
Although I do love the look, no to wood floors. I want something easy to wash, porcelain tile in a modern neutral. I have seen some awesome tile with subtle textures.
Love a bit of lucite, white and some soft color. I cannot wait til the fun begins. Even though I know there shall be dust and lots of take-out during the construction, I am excited to be in the

phase of what I call “kitchen stew.” I know that taking care in each decision will alleviate any sort of “stew in one’s juice” sort of quandary. What would you add to my kitchen stew?
please pardon me, the collection of kitchen photos were gathered and my lack of noting the image source is in no way shape or form to the copy the designers. I just need to thank them for fueling my stew.
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