Artful Living

just right

I happened upon this home and I decided to let myself in. There was something about the green door that left me wanting more. The light, the cast shadows, the planter, the brass door knob and the panes of glass caught my eye.

Around the other side is another green door. I want to know who lives here and what is on the other side of that door.

I knocked and the door opened.
I walked in, sat down in a wonderful chair and began to paint ( my paints go with me everywhere) but the paper felt too cold.
(Arches Paper – 140 Lb. cold-pressed, 100 % cotton)
I then tried this paper, and the paper felt just right to me.
(Arches Paper – 140 Lb. hot-pressed, 100% cotton)
So, tell me, do you have a preference of paper, the cold-pressed or the hot-pressed paper.
The cold-pressed paper has a more traditional water colour wavy texture to it, while the hot-pressed has a flat, satin smooth finish.
Excuse me while I go upstairs and check out the beds for a wee nap.
I have a feeling I will find just the right spot.
(Trina, thanks for allowing me to illustrate your green door and for stalking such
a country farmhouse as yours, just right. I have a feeling I will feel compelled to illustrate each and every room and taste every bowl of porridge too.)