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anybody home

photo from Sharon Pruit – Flickr

You may be wondering if I am home. I am home, however I have no internet, no phone and no cable. My inner colonial dame has provided much wit and spirit as my children quip, “What are we going to do?” I retort, “Why, when I was a child, we had no internet and cords on our phones and no plasma televisions, so there!” We survived daily without this sort of instant gratification of communicating with those that you may have never even met, but can relate an entire lifetime to.

I am in hopes to be back soon, in blog land, so be patient with me – my heart aches for those that have no powere at all. I do have electricity and the will to prepare a nice meal.
Guess the universe is telling me to do my art and blog less.
Thanks to my dear friend for the use of her internet cafe!
Anybody home?
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