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Lavande, Savon de Marseille Soap

Dr.Bronner’s “Magic Soap” Citrus Orange

lovely porcelains from Middle Kingdom Porcelain.

A dear friend recently completed a wonderful bathroom renovation and I gave her some “savon de marseille” which she remarked, you always seem to have time to do everything with such ease, such grace and style. You really have such “a gift for” giving.

Question; How do you find time to do it all and to give?

My answer; I keep a cabinet of small gifts so that I am prepared to meet any occasion.
The above porcelains along with the packaging are devine. A small colorful bowl for collecting jewelry, sea glass or dip! A bar of delightful smelling soap is always such a small luxury. Many of the discount shops have them for as low a *three dollars for a box of three. A “hard milled” soap can last a really long time. A jar of good mustard or “cornichon” for the condiment connoisseur in your life. Something from the thrift store, cleaned up, polished and artfully presented. A candle. A bouquet of flowers artfully arranged in a small container or pretty pot. (Just a few ideas for your own secret stash) A wee small sketch or a personalized card accompanies each item to add a personalized touch.

* Mind you nothing is over $20. I try to keep the gifts under $10.
Tell me, do you keep a secret stash of gifts at the ready? It sure is like having my own personal shop. Do you have the perfect gift for giving? Love to know!
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