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sharp palms

“Sharp Palms” -pve design photos from Florida 2010
While I was down in Florida, I snapped these sophisticated palm trees. The graphic black and white quality certainly did not really remind me of typical sunny tropical temps, however from an artistic point of view I found it very soothing and sharp at the same time. I think Florida is not all about coral and starfish anymore.
I plan on working on a series of palm drawings as I was inspired by their vivid silhouette along with these walls at the W Hotel in the Foyer and Bar of Steak. Thinking of doing this on a hallway in my home. No it is not wallpaper, it was done with a Sharpie. My daughter loved it too.

This was the other wall. They gave me the name of the french artist who did it in 3 weeks. I tried finding him on-line to no avail.
What do you think?