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mad hungry

Yesterday, my family was re-united after each other’s respective vacations. My twin sons were in Utah (skiing) with their dear Auntie and we hopped down to Florida for a little warmth with our girl and then back for a weekend of ski racing. I arrived home to a bulging mailbox, laundry and to some mad hungry men & boys. Good thing that the above cookbook arrived in the mail from “Allie von Summer is a verb.” She knew that my sons were celebrating a birthday and that I – their mother would need “Recipes, Strategies & Survival Techniques” which is a definite must for any family with men & boys.

So as I continue to sooth the savage beast with guy gastronomical feasts, as well as calm my inner crank with some green tea and wade through the laundry, I give thanks for appetites and a blog that feeds my creative soul. I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am for each of you, your generosity, humor and saving me from going completely and utterly mad while I keep all the balls in the air. My job entails raising a family, building my business, surviving a looming renovation and being the grown-up and tell my man that “Let’s not go out, Let’s eat at home!”
There is truly nothing like the Family Meal to keep a family from going mad hungry!
Cheers for family meals. Do you eat as a family or on the fly?