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getting testy

Image from Christine Peterson, Test taker. Flickr.

Saturday morning, my twin sons shall be taking the SAT Test. They have been preparing for this test for quite some time and seem to feel pretty confident that they will do just fine. As a parent, it is hard to know exactly how much to push, prod and poke. “Have you anwered the question of the day today?” The words back to me that I hear are – “Stop, Mom.” I can’t say that I blame them. I mean really, who needs a nag or the drone of a troll. I mutter back, “getting testy?”

So to all you Moms and all your test takers, take a “deep breath” and know that these times will pass. It is normal during this time to have some heavy sighs, some nasty back-talk and some testy headed comments.
I am headed out to stock the pantry with snacks and make something good for dinner. Rewards are in order after a grueling test. How do you deal with testy heads? Sling back, re-coil or retreat?
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