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end of January

Found this over here. It is a vinyl stick on that you can use a dry erase marker to keep on schedule. I am notorious for thinking that I can accomplish far more in a day, a week and having a month to gauge ahead has been keeping me on track as I try to stay on schedule for my “monthly marathon” of life.

Here are a few tips for you;
1. Write it down on the calendar or on line.
2. Schedule time just like you would a Doctor’s Appointment.
3. Give yourself permission to arrive early, it sure takes the stress out of arriving late.
4. For the times you find yourself “waiting” – have a bag with a book or a file with things to occupy your time or just bask in the glory of arriving on time.
5. Time yourself. I use my alarm on my i-phone. I am amazed at what I can do when I time myself. Think of it as a mini-marathon.
6. Have snacks ready to give you a boost to stay on schedule. An energy bar, a piece of fruit, some veggies, hummus, or nuts. This has helped to tide me over as I was skipping meals. Now I schedule time to eat a proper meal.
7. Menu Plan for the week. Double batch or prepare meals ahead, this is something fun to do with a friend. Shop and cook several meals. I did this with a friend to help her for a dinner party and we now refer to it as our channeling our inner “Julia Child.”
8. Eliminate clutter. Reduce piles of paper, Streamline. “Unsubscribe” if you are no longer reading e-mails that are piling up in your in-box. Empty your trash!
“File, Toss, Donate” are my mantra
Put Away, Toss or Donate. Keep 3 baskets accordingly.

If you make a goal or have a plan, just as you would if you were running a marathon, it is much easier to track yourself, to reach the distance and to feel that you deserve a reward for maintaining a healthy schedule.
How do you stay on schedule? Care to share any tips?
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