Artful Living


Normally, I prefer not to blog about too many personal issues but when I came across this rather perfect photo, I just knew it was a sign to share day four of my little party in my bed.

Actually, I have been very ill, and feel so much stonger today. A bit of a blip in the road shall we say.
What is it about taking refuge to our bed, with a stack of books, a breakfast tray (even though truth be told I do not in fact own one, a breakfast tray that is) and slipping into something cozy that suddenly makes one feel better? Doctors orders to rest, no food, just a clear liquid diet. How about you, when you find yourself “convalescing” – what things make you feel better? (Note the gold slippers bedside.)
Suddenly, I feel that this would make a divine illustration for a sappy “Get well card!”
Pardon me, while I ruefully plan to get on with life beyond this bed. Not to worry, I am feeling
like a new woman.
Thank you to Rose C’est la vie for this photo which Rose posted, the photo is from none other than Slim Aarons.