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baby steps

pve design illustration “baby steps” on top of a box for giving
Why is it that we want to run before we can even crawl. I am reminded of this each day as each of us take steps to achieve our goals and dreams. The above illustration was done for this Momma who is full of pure style.

I simply glued the artwork on top of a thick box which was recycled (from the holidays) and inside enclosed one of my hand-knit baby hats for her little boy to grow into. I love babies and the joy they bring to the world.
One thing I have learned is that working to build my business, and to raise my family and keep my home running smoothly requires steps,” baby steps” each day and a huge leap of faith to keep it all rolling.
These are just a few tips that my Mother taught me;
1. Know what you are serving for “supper.” My Mother told me this when I brought my twins home from the hospital. I sort of scratched my head at that idea but it does make brilliant sense. Dinner time can be the most challenging part of the day and having a nice meal can make up for even the worst times.

“cry baby” – here he is sporting his hat.
(Mommy Blogger torture, ha ha)
2. “Never do what they can do for themselves” which my Mother told me when I was lugging my two year old around. They have legs and arms, teach them right away, get them on board with doing for themselves. Raise them to take care of themselves, they will fly out of the nest eventually and the better equiped they shall be.
3. Share tips with friends and never be afraid to ask for a little help! You would be surprised when you ask a friend for help, how flattered they will be. (this is the one I have the hardest time with!) I am working on this.
What sorts of steps do you take to make your day run a little smoother? Moms, Artists, Designers and parents can share wonderful tips, do you have any that you would like to pass on?
Leave a comment if you have some helpful steps?