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Holiday smiles

It is that time of year, Holiday greetings, photo cards and the opportunity to see how families have grown and how they have changed. The addition of a pet, or a new family member is always such a treat to see. I am in awe of those who give birth, adopt or become a foster parent.

In the midst of all that December entails, take time out to go see “Blind side” and feel your heart fill with holiday cheer. Based on a true story, this movie touched me in a real way. As a mother, I left the theatre thinking that taking in someone less fortunate, opening my home is all that we need to know just how fortunate we are. We can so easily get caught up in the material side, and lose focus that it is a time to renew our spirit and hope for a better world full of joy and peace.
Sandra, you should be smiling at your incredible performance, you rock! The role she played of “Leanne” was touching and empowering. I left the theatre feeling stronger, hopeful and proud of women who plow ahead, stand tall and live fearlessly. Have you seen it and what did you think? Did it make you smile or cry?