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gilded framed cool “Allie” cat
I am quite honored today as Alice aka Allie over at (Summer is a verb) was ever so kind to bestow upon me such a wonderful post. Most cool cats are aloof, but not Alice, she has such a sunny disposition. When I sent off her artwork, she chose to frame this little “quick” illustration that I had done for her, (on the envelope mind you.) If you read Allie’s blog, you know she is hopelessly devoted to a “bon vivant” lifestyle. She touts jewels, concoctions, felines, needlework, notions and the latest tonics to indulge one’s fancies. Lucky me, to add myself to her list of affections.

Below is the wall of “my” art hung in her bedroom. I feel totally pampered, just like her cats.
Nothing like wallowing in a good scratch, getting the satisfaction of a perfect purrr.
Excuse me while I go leave a token of my affection, in the form of a hairball. Eech….eech~
Good to know that I will always be loved.

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