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ruff and ready

17th century Anna Rosina Marquat sporting a “Ruff”
If I could pick any time to travel to, I would want to go back in time to the 17th century purely for my very own fascination with nothing other than the “ruff.” Back in the day of my Fashion History lessons, I learned how a ruff served a practical purpose, being that the wearer’s dandruff would not show as well as protect one’s clothing. The daily hair washing was non-existant.

The “Ruff” workroom
A ruff did limit freedom of movement, but I do quite love the look of one
as well as having my very own case to stow it away.

I am ready for a modern day ruff. The closest item that I could find was this lovely blouse at J.Crew. Are you ready for a ruff? Perhaps when wearing this, no-one will be allowed to ruffle my feathers?
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