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faux real

Can you imagine these are “faux” real?

My son came home with a bunch of friends and one boy asked if the fruit was “for real?”
My son replied, no, we eat faux fruit here, it is much tastier and never goes bad.
Gotta love teens!

Love to win these sunny silk “faux fleurs” to add to my kitchen.
They are created by these lovely ladies which this…
blogger posted so graciously posted about. Sophie Dahy is going to select a winner and you can select your favorite bunch with $300 to spend. How good is that?
Welcome to my kitchen which is a popular spot for our family as well as bunches of sunny flowers and friends. The cabinets are original, the floor is a silver laminate and the walls are bright green. A complete renovation is on the calendar for Spring 2010.
I plan to post all about it as it has been a long process to get to this point and all seems truly not “for real.”