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beau parlor

pve design artwork, created for Eddie Ross for Rooms with a view ~ “The after”
When I first moved to New York City, I was on an internship and needed a spot to live that would be 1. affordable as well as 2. clean. I lived at the “Webster” on 34th street which was both. For a mere $74 dollars a week, I had my own room and 3 squares a day. At breakfast I could pack up my lunch which would be a boiled egg, a yogurt and some fruit. Buffet style suited me just fine. Whenever a suitor would call, they were not allowed upstairs, only in these rooms which were referred to as “Beau Parlors” – I remember showing my then boyfriend (now husband) my art portfolio.

The charming Eddie Ross and I – at the Southport “Rooms with a view 2009”
The above sketch was created for Eddie Ross. I was ecstatic when he called me a few months ago to take this project on for the Southport “Rooms with a view.” Eddie had a unique idea to show the room compiled of gorgeous items all in a state of “before” and my artwork is hung to show the “after!” The humble beginning of a room is quite like falling in love.
Thank-you Eddie for including me in this wonderful collaboration. Thank you Victoria for joining me in another car ride, you are excellent company. I cherish our chats on design, inspiration, creating and balancing family life, we have a total of 7 children (I have three and Victoria has four) so there are always great stories. Meeting and sharing with other bloggers is such a terrific experience.

Eddie Ross and I at the “Southport Rooms with a view 2009”
Thanks to Larson-Juhl for the exquisite framing