Artful Living


How many of you are “working to make a living or living to work?” I seem to hear that I am not alone in this quest, especially in these challenging times. Daily, it seems that I have an e-mail requesting a “give-away” or for barter or for “free.” I just want to hear from you, from my readers. What conditions does your livelihood need in order to survive? Do you work for free just because you love it or you want to give it away for a worthy cause? Do you set limits, or are you a scrooge and never give anything away in order to protect your livelihood. Are you perhaps working towards a Nobel Prize?

Let me hear from you? How are you handling these tricky times with your work, have you been expected to take a pay-cut, to work more hours, to work for free or to pay yourself $1 dollar like some very successful people? What does it take to make your livelihood worth living for?

Wadala slums, Mumbai – Wikepedia Image
In my heart I wish we did not have to work for money but everything does seem to have a price,including the right livelihood. Tell me are you working to make a living or living to work?
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