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kreativ with a k

Thanks for this “Kreativ Blogger” award! Awards and Words spelled with the wrong letters make me very un(k)omfortabl(e). So, please excuse me while I squirm, I blush and I post seven bits about me as well as pass this Kreativ award on to seven deserving Kreativ Bloggers;

Bryn Alexandra
My Little Green Notebook
Reflected Light
Art House Design
Eddie Ross
(All of these Kreativ bloggers are in linked in my blog list and each of you on my list deserves a shout!)

Seven things about me;
1. One of Seven Children, the 5th.
2. Love the color “green” and I was Born on the 17th of March, St.Patrick’s Day so I have had many green cakes.

3. I have never met a medium of Art or Arts and Crafts that I did not like.

4. I would love to drive a convertible and look like her. (Princess Grace in “To catch a Thief”)

5. I sold my pictures door to door when I was little for a penny or two.

6. I flew on the “Concord” and it was a “royal” moment, a once in a lifetime thing. (plus I was pregnant with twins!)

7. My Mom used to come to New York, and we saw Lena Horne perform.
“The Lady and her Music.”
For some reason, I cannot write below this fabulous artwork of Lena, but thanks to each of you for reading my blog and for awarding this award to me! Thanks!