Artful Living

Q & A re-cap

Just wanted to briefly list a few of the Q and A’s from the blog panel at McGuire Furniture in the NYDC in New York;

1. Does your blog have a mission statement?
2. Why did you begin your blog?
3. Do you earn money from blogging?
4. How much traffic does your blog get?
5. Do you get comments?
6. Do you blog every day?
7. Does your blog have paid advertisers?
8. What is next for your blog?
9. Do you “tweet”, “facebook” etc-
10. Do you as a (blogger) have a favorite blog?
11. How many blogs do you read a day?
These were the questions that we each had to answer in a casual format, while “passing the microphone” and all answers varied, but each blog is personal and none of us currently earn money from blogging, nor are paid to post our content. Some of us are more motivated by comments or the traffic and some “tweet” – some “not” and most post daily. So you see, blogging is personal and there is no “secret” formula other than finding what works best for you – Most are not “just” bloggers, we all have lives and are human!