Artful Living

of such a kind

pve design – home illustration – commission
Isn’t she a beauty? Yes, indeed she has that grand commanding air about her. Standing there, built to witness a full life. There is indeed something about her grace which speaks volumes to me. A “built” to stand the test of time demeanor. Stately, yet beguiling. Elegant yet humble. Royal yet homey. Then that deep Blue- Green trim and front door and the pediment around the entry and lush plantings. I am drawn to one of such a kind soul.
Imagine bringing home babies, pets, groceries and more to this kind of home. This southern client has lived here for many years so when it came time for a commission, she was patient and charming. I imagined her living up to the quality of this home. Which brings me to the next question, are you the kind of person who matches your home, one who lives up to the character and soul of the home. I often think people fit the home in which they live. The home becomes a reflection of them. What kind of home do you exude?
The years of tending, nurturing, giving, loving, maintaining a home of such a kind takes a quality person, one with integrity and reverence. Do you reflect your habitat and does your habitat reflect you? What does you home say about the quality of your life?