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busy signal

Busy “Baby Charlie” on the line of a vintage phone
He belongs to Whitney of Edman”s Furniture.
(Thanks for your permission to post!)

Just the other day, while I was at my painting lesson, my cell phone went bzz, bzzz…

Phone: bzz, bzzz
Me: “Hello:
Phone: Hi, it’s me, Eddie.
Me: Helloooo!
Phone: Laughter and giggling….yes, we were thinking you might want to do this sketch for this room for the Southfield showhouse with us…you know, vintage, found treasures, of all the things we love to make up a fabulous room. Not all over the top, but a beautiful room full of all of our favorite things, and then sketched, loose and big, by you. You know, in your style, we would pay for the paper, the art would be for sale and then 10% of the proceeds would go for the event. How does that sound?
Me; (heart in my head) I feel like the time ~ (circa 1992) I was asked if I wanted to fly the Concorde by the guy who worked in travel, and I said “Well, let me think about it” dropped the phone and ran to the travel desk and literally hugged the travel guy and said YES only if you can get the sweater designer to fly next to me. So, that is how I felt, I wanted to drop the phone, get in my car and fly to Eddie and give him a big squishy hug (& Jaithan too) and tell them how thrilled I am.
But then of course, I presume they must know that or they would not be even considering me…
Enough. Yes, Yes, without hesitation.
Can someone pinch me now or am I dreaming? Can this really be real?
Yep it’s real alright….like giving birth to a dream project~
So, if you call, and there is a busy signal, I promise to call you right back!
I am a bit busy with some exciting projects….
A busy signal seems such a thing of the past.