Artful Living

a time to paint

A painting by Marie Villers 1801 ~ a self portrait
A time to paint and to take a lesson.  
A  time to have a bite to eat, 
A time to check my e-mails. 
A time to post this painting, portrait of Marie Villers 1801. (sent from this fine flower)
A time to sit and to paint.
A time to look up.
A time to see with eyes wide open.
A time to begin a new canvas.
A time to see the warmth of the shadow. ( see it on the left hand side of the canvas? )
A time to see the cool blue shadow on the right hand side of the canvas.
A time to look carefully and to feel complete.
A time to create.
A time for clarity.
A time to be open.
A time to receive and to express, and to realize they are one in the same.
Are you making time to receive and then express yourself?  What was the last thing you did that you felt was a clear expression of yourself?