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A Devine life

pve design illustration for The Devine Life, Michael Devine, Interior Designer, Lifestyle extraordinaire!
Today is a divine day. Firstly, the artwork for The Devine Life is up and I like a proud parent am so proud (of my illustration) which you can see over here. Take a look at the shop for you will surely find something wonderful for your home. Thank-you Michael.

The Devine Life Home Shop located in Kinderhook, New York
Secondly, today is the first day of school for our village and I am so excited to begin a new year.
The back packs are full of freshly made lunches and labelled supplies, there is even a slight chill in the air this morning.

The ever debonair Mr.Devine Life, standing outside his shop
Thirdly, I have some exciting news this month which I look forward to sharing with each of you~ and I want to thank you all for your support of my artwork and my blog. 

The glorious garden of Michael Devine
I am off to spend the morning at a painting group and then to spend a little time gathering my thoughts and looking ahead for a year full of new growth and new designs.