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win over

….and the winner is “A Gift Wrapped Life”
Firstly, the “potager garden artwork” that I posted yesterday goes to the randomly selected winner- “A gift wrapped life” – most deservedly so, since this summer, her garden has been demolished by a street wide debacle, otherwise known as construction.  

pve design illustration of an amusing garden for a fellow blogger and designer
 Secondly, what would it take to win you over?  
A lush garden of earthly delights?
(The above illustration belongs to a gentleman with a green thumb for the garden and home.
Win me over and tell me who?  His heavenly garden transformation has been the envy of many.)

photo by Joanna Henderson 
Perhaps a wheelbarrow of freshly laundered faded florals to lay down in the grass with the one you love.  A picnic basket of some fresh strawberries, fromage, a crusty bit of bread and a little wine….

and then after you wake up from an afternoon dream, you could skinny dip here…
or you could just unwrap all those glorious boxes that Sande tempts us with!
Congrats to Sande and I now have the challenge of wrapping my framed work of art to send to a wrapper extraordinaire!
Thanks to each of you for your comments!
You have no idea as to how they win me over and how full of gratitude I am to each of you!