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one’s laurels

After a weekend of resting on “one’s laurels”- it is now Monday and time to get back to the fun games of work.

(The bay laurel was used in the wreaths of the Ancient Greek games?)

Did you know that the “Bay Laurel” is the herb of 2009, according the “Herb Home Companion” which is pictured above. The bay leaf is useful in cooking not only for flavor but for medicinal purposes too.

Imagine, naming yourself after one of your favorite trees, such as this artist.
I found this wonderful vintage book while I was up in the catskills.
This book reminded me of a mural I painted for my hippie sister Liz when I was in college.
(quite frankly it reminded me of a shampoo I loved too)
If you were going to rest on your laurels and name yourself after a tree, tell me, which tree would you be?