Artful Living


pve design – original art ( for sale) on aquarelle arches paper
There is something about the word “McEstate” which sounds so much better than “McMansion” which just sounds like enormous house on postage stamp lot with complex rooflines.
“McEstate” gives a certain air of sophistication, wouldn’t you agree?

pve design original art (sold Aug 25th) on aquarelle arches paper
Everything has to do with the proportion of scale, the larger than life planters balanced with an even number as well as the height of topiary trees. If you had an estate like this, what would be your signature mark? I remember trips to the “Biltmore Estate” and telling myself that when I grow up, I will live in a castle – like that.

Biltmore Estate
By the way, even if you do not have a “McEstate” – these stately black and white original works of art are for sale. (The works are beautifully mcmatted!) I think they would look “swellegant” hung in a foyer or a powder room. I find myself making up “portmanteau words” – blame it on the heat.
Have a grand day in the coolness of your own home, be it a mc-cottage or a mc-mansion!