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circle of friends

A circle of friends.
The power is in the circle.
I spotted this book several years ago and wondered if there really is some sort of vital sign in circles.  Has anyone ever seen “crop circles.”  I find them full of intrigue from a design perspective.
Suzani ottoman, posted by Bryn
The circle is often used in design and this Suzani design is a wonderful example.
“Circle Unbroken” book by Margot Theis Raven
I imagine that many circles of friends were started as a way to teach others as well as a time to socialize.  I think of many circles, sewing circles, reading circles, knitting circles, fitness circles or art circles.  

Do you have a circle of friends that provide a smile, a laugh and hope to your life.
I highly suggest gathering a circle to those of you that may be in between jobs or in the thick of parenthood, or in any field that may be isolating.
The support of a circle of friends adds sunshine to my life and I hope this post leaves you with a thought to ponder or to circle about.