Artful Living

the whirlers

Please meet the “whirlers.”  
Are these flower girls not the fairest maidens?  Don’t you just love their beautiful dresses, the floral pomanders gathered with elegant cypress green satin ribbons, the floral laurel wreaths and the sheer joy in their eyes to be part of a fairy tale event is something every girl can cherish.  Give it a whirl…girl…

As  I gathered them to pose for me, they were each “twirling and whirling” in their lovely dresses.  One whirler’s head piece flung off.  Oh dear me.

My head felt dizzy and giddy with delight to capture the whirlers in this brief moment, and then they were off, moving twirling, and being little girls, full of sugar and spice.  Can you feel their mischief?  The younger little ones have that look of “let’s whirl again” while the elder one lead the way with a more “appropriate” behavior of acting like the “big” girl on campus.  Now really, what girl could not resist a spin in a dress like that!

Alright, fess-up and tell me, are you a “whirler” when you put on a party frock?
I know that I cannot resist that temptation to whirligig when I don a frothy fairy god-mother sort of dress.  If only I could find my magic wand.
Do you feel more magical when you whirl?