Artful Living


pve with jessLC ( I snagged this photo of Jess and I)
Dining here with fellow blogger and entrepreneur Jess LC was indeed a highlight of my weekend in Chicago.  Jess is one of the most efficient bloggers who shares resources for designing a life with intention.  

Jess designs jewelry as well as provides small business advice, giveaway tips, scrumptious recipes all with the intent to design your best life.  Jess began her blog only in January as a way to journal her intentions.  I truly believe that Jess is working toward a book which will influence the expectations for a new type of social behavior.  Our actions can improve ones life through addition by subtraction.  I encourage you to email Jess with something that you would like to get rid of in order to make under your life.  Jess loves email and is the tops in netiquette.  I anticipate hearing great accomplishments about Jess in the future, she is not afraid to share nor to ask questions in order to design a life with powerful intentions. Intentional behavior can also be just thoughtful and deliberate goal-directedness.  Design a life of intention….and then tell Jess about your make under.  Trust me, it works!