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gracious gowns

The bevy of beautiful maidens wearing gracious gowns – pve design wedding illustration
The bridesmaids wore the most gracious gowns, in a black orchid silk, from the back some had bows and others a layered sash detail.  Each wore a glorious head-piece made of fabric inspired to look like a flower, with silky tendrils hung ever-so-lightly, topped with a chic net for a very glamourous touch. How wonderful and gracious of the bride to select a silhouette in black that perhaps these gorgeous gals shall might actually wear again.  
                      Do you have a gracious gown at the ready for a special event?  

This gracious gal has all the perfect tips for living an artful life, and “lucky me” is featured today.  Thank-you Mindy Lockard for including me this week which is all about living graciously as well as tasteful tips.  Mindy is all about sharing manners each month!