Artful Living

doing what you "otter"

David Lloyd painting of an “otter”
I am back home from my weekend romp in Chicago, capturing my prey, filling my eyes with details and moments and getting it all down on paper.  Have you ever found yourself in a situation and said to yourself, “Now this is what I call a “doing what you otter” moment?  For me, I know that sketching fast and trying to take it all in is a bit like a kid in a candy store metaphor. 
After my bags are unpacked and I come down from my “high” – I plan on posting some of the wedding sketches and sharing some graceful tips on how you can find your inner otter!  Indeed, it is akin to falling in love, and only you will know what “otter” suits you best.  Think about what you really want to pursue that will add a creative outlet to your life.  Are you on a mission to design or create a more artful life?  What is holding you back from playing like you “otter?”