Artful Living

laced into

A family heirloom lace, tatted by my Grandmother.
I think I might frame my lace – something like this.

Having read “The Lace Reader” and opening up a box of heirloom lace items given to me by my Mother -I would love to have the ability to read the lace and see what secrets would be revealed.  I also wonder what it must be like to know how to make lace let alone read lace. 

Funny, on my wedding day we had gone to visit my Grandmother (in the hospital, in my wedding dress) and she only had eyes for my brother – It was as though she “paid no never mind” to me but when I spoke to my Mother from our honeymoon, she told me that Grandma thought my dress could have had some lace.  I always loved the clean minimal look and felt to “gussied” up in lace, but now I am thinking that I could be laced into some lace.  How about you?  Are you seeing the secret of lace?  What do you think of lace?