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in the fishbowl

Marisa, “in the fishbowl” 

I am so excited about taking an e-course (today) called “in the fishbowl” from Marisa at 

Creative Thursday. This e-course will be the perfect extension of sharing her mission as well as mine, which is to inspire others to live the way they want creatively.

My life is all about learning, as an artist those dreaming and living creatively need an inspiring community.  The June 18th e-course session is sold out but you may e-mail Marisa if you are interested in future sessions.  You may even listen to her “podcasts” which will inspire you to set aside a day, with the intent to “create.”  We are all creators and have the power to create.

Marisa began her creative day on “thursday” and it soon seeped over into other days.  Do you have a designated “creative” day set aside?