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recipe for…fab friday

Recipe cards rank up high on my list of domestic bliss.  My vintage lucite recipe box (from my teens) will be the perfect home for these swell cards. 
A recipe for pursuing your passion is what it is all about, every artist can relate to this.  
Here is my recipe in order to create;
C  –  R  –  E  –  A  –  T  –  E
CCreate a space to work
RRoutine, set up the best time for you to work!
EEstablish good habits, expect error & excellence.
AAlways begin with gratitude.
T Time – take time, start small.
EEnjoy what you do.
As artists, we never start with the perfect space, nor the best materials, but we work towards the dream space, and allow time to know that we need to honor our passion and juggle life.
One can pursue a career in the midst of mother-hood or even add it to our day job by carving out a window of time each day.  Try 2 to 3 hours a day and commit to working on your passion.
© Rick Miller/Milton Courier photos – Photo of Kristin with her 1882 Pearl old Style Press
Time and again, certain obsessions or passions have a way of returning to me.  One of them is my love for really nice paper and the art of letterpress.  
The other is for the artist who dreams of having that piece of equipment (Antique 1882 Pearl Old Style Press) or studio space to whilst away the hours or burn the mid-night oil.
Meet Kristin,  She spotted this beauty ( or rather her fiance did ) for a song on Craig’s list and knew it was fate.  How great to seize an opportunity and a machine.  I have always wanted to learn how to make my own letterpress.
She recently acquired some vintage typeface letters amongst other goodies she plans to use as part of her collection – 622 press.
How pretty are these bevy of beautiful letterpress cards to send a proper thank-you, sure to tickle the thoughtful giver!  Take a look at Kristin’s site and her etsy shop and tell me what you really really want, leave me a comment.  
Winner of this fab give-away announced first thing on Monday morning.
As my Mom loves to say, “Keep a fuzzy brow, a stiff upper lip and press on” – Have a fab friday all you fab people!  Press on Kristin and thanks for sharing your work.