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pergola perfection

A pergola in the garden to take cover and to admire the shadow of dancing patterns. 
This is one of my favorite spots.  Only a short drive to this enchanted garden and I am immediately transported to a far away place.
Tranquility ripples all around me.  Lovely lilies lure me with their aquatic display.
Does it not look as if they are twirling?
Perennial beds lay beside lush blankets of fresh blades of green grass.
I am not the only one trying to capture the beauty of nature.
This artist said, “oh, not good” as I admired her painting.  I praised her for being there, painting.  We all need a bit of encouragement every now and then.
A visit to a place that gives me such wonder, such approval to take time, to look around me, to appreciate nature.  I leave with ideas for cultivating a garden, building a pergola or just taking time to visit a place to take cover and inspire my mission to design an artful life.
Are you on a mission to design an artful life?  What inspires you lately?
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