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monday, monday

binder from simplify 101
Monday is the start of the week in my home.  I turn to my handy dandy binder which is kept in a spot on my counter.  My daughter loves this book, home to class lists, school permission slips, and more.  My fave are the Menu planning sheets (courtesy of heart-of-light) which help me to plan my weekly menu.  It is fun to look forward to “what we shall eat” for the week ahead.  I save recipes in a file for future ideas for the weeks ahead.  When you plan, you are better equipped to stick to a budget.  I also love stocking the pantry with staples, should the best laid menu plans fail. Shopping seasonally and stocking the pantry with staples is key.
I am especially excited since last week I was waiting for the arrival of a new fridge!
meal planning sheets, click to enlarge and print, cut in half, thanks to heart-of-light
In my quest or desire to feed my organizational lust, I happened to find this wonderful site here.  There are simply super tips to motivate one to organize.  I love the Russel and Hazel binders, notes and other aesthetically pleasing items for storage.
We could all benefit from a bowl of simplicity and a few minutes for noting some time management tips which I gleamed from simplify101;
1.  Prioritize, “eat your veggies first” – then dessert.   Do the highest priority first.
2.  Say NO, for everything you say YES to, you are saying NO to something else.
3.  Balance, strive for a balance.  It is like going to a “buffet” and eating too much of everything and walking away not feeling great.  Feel good with less, limit the choices and you will find balance.
4.  Pick & choose!  Life is all about choice.  Make a list first thing to begin your day.
5.  Order gives light and energy.  
an ordered drawer of candles and matches – image from chez larsson
Learning to plan ahead for a rainy day, or a day without power provides energy and a source of light and contentment for any day of the week.  How do you plan ahead to simplify – so you can enjoy your week?  What would you say needs the most attention today, what is on your list in order of “highest priority?” Happy Monday, Monday!
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