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My Father loves babies and children and is quick to point out how innocent they are.  Well, not for long Daddy-O.  My Dad worked hard to build a family empire and I think my Mom devoted her life to us and making things look easy-peasy.  Thanks for raising that bar folks.

Babies come into the world, all sweet and then quickly move from innocent to guilty, out to destroy and conquer.   Just roll with me people, for what you are about to see is not for the weak.  
How many of you hold the keys to the family vehicle and the domain.  When your husband walks in the door and wonders how a place can turn to trash, just repeat, “Treasures to trash baby!”  How can something so small create such havoc.  I merely reply “Grey Gardens took work to get it looking like that.”  It just does not happen overnight people!  My husband loves to take the family car on the weekend and then ask, “Why is this in here” or “You should put this here.”
In order to protect my innocence, I need not share my retort.
Have things gotten out of control?  Do you dare to car-pool or host a luncheon, even if it is in the car, sharing something tasty from McDonalds cafe.   Last week, I was the designated driver so prior to my take-off to fetch my friends for a gal’s night out, I felt the urge to do a bit of an artful overhaul.  Out came the cleaning supplies, a bucket of warm water, rags, q-tips and into overdrive with my trusty vac.  My innocent teenage sons even lent me a hand.  Do you have innocent underminers that seem to test your inner Judge Judy?  Do you clean your own car, or take it to the car wash?  
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