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heavenly muse

Spring 1907 – Carl Larsson
From time to time, my readers send me wonderful snippets, share art and point out details. They tell me that I and or my work reminds them of someone.  I have been honored to have been told many times that my work reminds them of the artist Carl Larsson
(I am fascinated with his work, the detail, the pretty, the light, the color.)
They tell me that I am Karin, “muse” of Carl, wife, mother of 8 and artist. 
While Karin lit the home-fires, raised the children, she also provided great counsel for her husband.  He looked to her for her expertise, her critique and her light.  She inspired his artwork,  she was his muse.
I can only imagine living in darkness for so much of the year that when the light finally did shine, it must be a magical time.  A time to reflect and feel the glow of the sun.  A moment to get your “muse” on.
Light provides color, and the ability to see and to sew, to produce and to be actively doing until dark.  I always embrace Spring, and the lighter days.  I try to take advantage of the light and sew more often.  
Karin loved textiles.
She sewed many things for her family, as well as designed amazing textiles.  (You may see those on the site)
Growing up one of seven, we each needed to help with the chores, preparation of the beans, peeling the potatoes all while our Mother created a home full of amusement.  This weekend, celebrate Mother’s who amuse and fill our hearts and our homes with so much.  
Take a moment and honor the heavenly muse, your Mother or a woman who has given you life.
Are you a “muse” to anyone?  
(all artwork posted is that of Carl Larsson)