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beach babe

freshly laundered, new beach towels to bring on summer

Summer beach towel from TJmaxx
Summmer is a verb inspired me to set off and scout for some new beach towels as she professed her style obsession with an HERMES beach towel.   Not that she has one, but if she did it would be her “beach babe.”
I popped over to one of my favorite spots and immediately fell in love with these bright and cheery paisley plush beach towels.   Generous in proportion 40 in x 70 in (102 cm x 178 cm) and for a mere $12.oo – the label reads “PERI” and I am just dancing at the savings.  I do admire the Hermes towels, but at *$530 – I am saving a bundle for the kids savings and more art supplies. 
*My dear daughter just spotted the new paisley towels and she screamed “Mom, you bought the $530 dollar towels” – and I exclaimed yes dear, so there will be no camp for you! lol.
beach towel good humor – from Target!
I spotted this fun towel over at Target which I thought was clever.  There’s plenty of room on the beach, so throw down your towel and tell us all about it.  What does your beach babe look like?